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Patrick Butler
Executive Team

Patrick C. Butler - CEO, Chairman
Mr. Butler was a member of the international team of four to prove Jacobsen's Prime-Producing Cubic Polynomials Axiom in late 1999. He earned Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Wesleyan University, an MBA from the University of Oxford, and studied electrical engineering at Harvard University. He served as CTO of Cybernet Ventures, Inc. until 2005. His personal record in the beer mile is under seven minutes.

Yves Pièce-Childeau -COO, President
Prior to joining Xanthas, Mr. Pièce-Childeau served as an ambassador for the Pacific Alliance for Government Development. Mr. Pièce-Childeau received a Masters of Science & Management degree from the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Sloan School of Business and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from College Georges Brassens Montastruc in France. He enjoys racquetball and deep-sea fishing.

John R. Schorff - CTO, Director of Technology
Mr. Schorff arrived at Xanthas after working at Sun Microsystems, Inc. in their high performance computing area, and at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he managed multiple high performance hardware projects, developed strategic simulation capabilities and managed the largest dedicated unclassified super computer in the United States. Coined the phrase "I hate to see her leave, but I love to watch her go."

Herman Spell - CFO
Mr. Spell was a baggage handler for Lufthansa United Airlines before joining the Xanthas executive team. His research in the physics of currency earned him numerous awards in his native Bucharest. He holds a Contracts Management Certificate from the University of California, Irvine, and an MBA from Stanford University.

Jeffers T. Egan - Sr. VP Strategy
Mr. Egan's art installation "Spusd Dominierend" was featured at the 2004 Deutscher Filmpreis. He garnered TV development credits with the programs Blind Date and Inside Schwartz, earned a BFA from the University of Wisconsin and an MFA from the Art Center in LA.

Simone Yakamoto - Director of ©Xanthas Mobile
Prior to joining Xanthas, Ms. Yakamoto was a Vice President of Information Technology within Constellation Energy Compendium, formerly Cleveland Gas & Electric, where her career spanned 25 years. Ms. Yakamoto holds two Bachelors degrees from the University of Osaka in Mathematics and Economics, and a MBA from Loyola College of Maryland. She oversees all wireless and convergent device development efforts.

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Pat Butler
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Pat Butler
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